DackieSwap Testnet Guide

I. Prerequisites

Assume that you’re a DeFi user, that’s familiar with DeFi wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet…

If not, please refer below link to set up your DeFi wallet before accessing this guide.

If you have gETH on Base Goerli already, please go to section III to continue.

II. Gas Preparation

1. Prepare gETH

You can get faucet ETH from below links:

2. Bridge gETH from Ethereum Goerli to Base Goerli

Go to https://bridge.base.org/, click on ‘Bridge assets’ from the top right or mid-left.

At next screen, make sure you’re in Ethereum Goerli chain, input number of gETH you would like to bridge, then click Deposit, confirm your transaction.

Just wait for 1 ~ 2 mins, your gETH will be moved to Base Goerli chain.

III. DackieSwap Testnet

1. Get Dackie Faucet

Make sure that you’re in Base Goerli chain, explore DackieSwap. https://dackieswap.xyz/. If you haven’t had config for Base Goerli chain, connect your wallet, and your wallet will let you set it up.

Click 'Faucet' in the top right corner

Retweet the tweet below, and the 'Faucet' button will appear.

Click ‘Faucet’ to claim your tokens for testing. You need to confirm on your wallet, it costs some gETH.

After faucet, you will have 100 $DACKIE, 300 $USDT, 300 $USDC for testing.

2. Let’s go

There are 3 features that you can test.

  • Swap: normal and degen modes.

  • Add/Remove Liquidity

  • Overall page (other buttons, links, interface, colors, dark/light theme…)

3. Feedback

Feel free to give us your feedback. More valued, more appreciated!

Click or “Feedback” button on header bar.

Or go directly to https://tally.so/r/3XLvVe

Quack us: DackieOfficial Website | DackieSwap Website | Twitter | Discord

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